Hook Modification

Do you need a hook modification?

Your mooring cover is held on by the 5/16” shock cord in the hemline. This is what principally holds the cover onto the boat. Additionally, we have sewn webbing loops at intervals on the underside of the hemline. We provide you with tie cords to tie from each webbing loop down to your lift or trailer. You may or may not have to use these depending upon how windy your mooring location is.

However, if your boat is moored in the water, you cannot tie down to anything. Or, if you do not wish to use the tie down cords that we provide, you may want to have us add this cockpit hook modification. Big vinyl-coated “J” hooks with shock cord are attached to the underside of the mooring cover about 8” up from the rubrail and stretch outward to hold around your rubrail. These hooks are entirely underneath the boat cover. You would still have the 5/16” shock cord in the hemline.

Sailboat diagram of hook location

Example of 6 Hooks, 3 per side. Reinforcements with grommets in them are sewn on the under side of the cover. This allows you to adjust the hooks to tension the cover as needed. This is all under the cover so you don't see them.

boat cover attachment hooks

Example of the hooks and how they attach over the edge of the boat

Picnic cat sailboat with hooks

Example of hook modifications on a Picnic Cat 14 Boat. Cover would then be pulled back down over the hooks totally hiding them fro the weather.