Types of Hardware

Would you like hooks or snaps?

We offer 2 different ways to attach this cover to the boat, hooks around the rubrail, or snaps.

The hook method of attachment requires no modification to your hull. The hooks tie to the grommets in the cover. Shock cord then keeps the cover tensioned and the hooks simply hook over the rubrail. For the hooks to have enough to hold onto, your deck must stick out at least 1" from your hull.

Sailboat cover with hook hardware

If your rubrail does not have at least 1" of overhang, then select the snap option. We will supply you with screw in snaps to put into your hull just below the rubrail. Instead of the hooks, your cover will have webbings with snaps in them attached to the cover with shock cord to keep them tensioned correctly.

sailboat diagram where hook hardware goes